There is no “silver bullet” to protect organizations against all advanced targeted attacks. There is too much rapid innovation happening in cyber crime for any single approach to be the solution. The most effective defense is through a cohesive, integrated solution. The Fortinet Advanced Threat Protection Framework provides a guide to building a more effective layer of protection – one that is continually improving.

This cohesive ATP solution includes:
• technologies to prevent known threats from getting into an organization,
• technologies to detect that which is unknown and cannot be stopped by traditional preventative measures, and
• the ability to mitigate threats through remediation and security updates aimed at continually improving the preventative technologies already in play.

It sounds simple but it can difficult to create this with just a collection of point solutions.
In the case of the Fortinet solution, FortiGate NGFW and UTM technologies and FortiMail email security work to prevent threats from impacting an organization through IPS, web filtering, AV, IP reputation, antispam, application control and VPN functions. FortiAuthenticator also helps to control access to the network and FortiClient can help protect endpoints.
FortiGate and FortiMail integrate with FortiSandbox to hand off high risk items for deeper analysis with the aim to detect advanced new and evasive threats. FortiSandbox identifies and analyzes threats and gathers information that then can be used to mitigate attacks – either through automated mitigation leveraging integration with FortiGate or FortiMail directly or through security updates from the FortiGuard Labs research team that feed back into the greater Fortinet security solution ecosystem.

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