Part 1 : How to Build an Insider Threat Program in 30 Minutes

People are the core of your business, but they are also responsible for 90% of security incidents. There is no patch for people. To reduce the likelihood of insider threats, you need the right people, process and technology to make it happen. The goal of this workshop is to demonstrate how to build a pragmatic insider threat program for your organization.


Part 2: Securely Move to the Cloud with Office 365 and Other SaaS Applications

As you transform your digital business to meet market demands, exceed user expectations and streamline IT operations, learn how to utilize a cloud-based authentication solution that will secure your cloud applications today and in the future. This workshop will discuss the digital transformation revolution and how this affects the landscape and challenges for IT. This is your chance to explore how cloud applications – such as Office 365,, Greenhouse, Zendesk – utilize one secure trusted identity for all use cases, from one provider.


Arik Kasha – Regional Sales Director, ObserveIT
Antreas Tsiokanos, Pre-Sales Product Specialist, BESECURE
Ανδρεάς Λάλος – Professional Services Director, BESECURE