During the workshop, Marco Rottigni will present how to use FireEye HX and Helix solutions to boost capacities like visibility, detection, investigation, response and orchestration of a company. He will also discuss the practical aspects of Intelligence-Led Security.

Speakers: Marco Rottigni, Consulting System Engineer – FIREYEY


Marco Rottigni has over 20 years of experience in IT and CyberSecurity. 

Among the most relevant ones, in 1993 at Esker as Presales Manager and in 1998 at SCO (Santa Cruz Operations) as Technical Services Manager; in 2001 he joined Stonesoft Italy – a finnish Security company –  as Senior Technical Consultant. 

Later he was named Solution Architect as part of Corporate Product Management; in 2008 he also got the responsibility of StoneGate SSL VPN and Authentication Solution as SSL VPN Product Manager; he then joined McAfee and Intel Security as Senior Security Specialist. 

Since 2014 he’s Consulting System Engineer at FireEye, leader in protection from targeted cyber-attacks and in Intelligence-led security; he is involved in Cyber Security and Threat Intelligence projects on strategic Customers in a region composed of Italy, Greece and Cyprus.

Since 2012 he’s a certified Assurer at CA Cert, a community-driven Certificate Authority.

He’s a blogger, writer and a security evangelist.