14th InfoCom Security 2024

Conference & Expo

The Hybrid World of Cybersecurity

April 10 & 11
Athens Conservatory

2024, for most global analysts, but also for many players in the Greek market of the wider IT sector, is a particularly important year for Cyber Security that will bring a new set of challenges and opportunities. The growing needs to protect technological infrastructures as well as the requirements to comply with regulatory frameworks for cyber security will create conditions for even greater development and a stronger field of action for companies in the sector. This dynamic will be reflected in many ways at this year’s 14th Infocom Security

The 14th iteration of the leading event in Greece for the field of Cyber Security, is coming once again this year, aiming to highlight all critical aspects of the modern hybrid world, as it has been shaped in recent years, to analyze the important trends that we are called to address in security management and present best practices, integrated solutions, innovative services and new regulatory guidelines to strengthen the defenses of organizations against emerging sophisticated threats.

Cybersecurity is Not Just an IT Issue. It’s a Business Issue!

Today, cyber security represents more than protecting a company’s information and critical data with technological tools. It has evolved into a catalytic factor for strengthening resilience, and a pillar of development and strengthening the competitive advantage of every organization.

The key point that in recent years has greatly diversified approaches to cyber security, constantly updating the policies, models and measures applied, is undoubtedly the transition of the ecosystem – of business functions as a whole, not just technological infrastructures – to a hybrid world. The highly interconnected environment in which we live and work, combined with the adoption of ever more new technologies, such as Hybrid Cloud, IoT and Artificial Intelligence, are breaking down the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds, enhancing productivity, collaboration and automation of processes and operations.

At the same time, however, the ever-increasing correlation of each operational function of each organization with digital infrastructures, combined with increasingly more sophisticated attacks in cyberspace, that we could say now constitute hybrid threats, put all the necessary inhouse and outsourcing on full alert protection mechanisms, that an organization must have in place and further enhance the role of security professionals, in order to more effectively address the risks that lurk.

All the latest developments that shape the landscape of new cyberthreats worldwide, modern technological tools and services developed to upgrade the defense of organizations focused on AI, the new European regulatory framework for cyber security supported by the NIS2 directive, and the key role that Security is called upon to play in the Hybrid World, in broader terms, are the topics we will highlight at the 14th InfoCom Security 2024, which will take place for the second time in the excellent space of the Athens Conservatory on April 10-11, and is expected, just like every year, to be an annual summit for a large community of executives and professionals in the field of Information Technology, and of course the market of technological solutions and services in Cyber Security.

Designing the Cybersecurity Roadmap through a multi-level event

During the two-day 14th InfoCom Security 2024, we will cover an extensive field of topics that will unfold on multiple levels, namely through keynote speeches, presentations and discussion panels, that will take place in the main session, analyses that will delve into comprehensive solutions and services in the parallel workshops, as well as networking and professional meetings, which will take place in the large exhibition area where booths of participating sponsor companies will be located.

The content of InfoCom Security, will be shaped as always, by leading Greeks as well as international experts from institutional bodies, global organizations and of course professionals from companies more broadly related to the security sector in the digital world, delving into multiple issues, such as:

  • The catalytic effect of Artificial Intelligence on cyber security at the level of defenders as well as attackers!
  • Global efforts to combat Ransomware, Phishing and APT attacks are constantly evolving based on tools available through the Dark Web.
  • The network security requirements of hybrid organizations, with a focus on Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), Zero-Trust, as well as Identity and Access Management (IAM).
  • The best technology tools for Cloud, Email, Application, Operation Technologies, IoT and Supply Chain security.
  • How important Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) – Managed Detection and Response (MDR) – Extended Detection and Response (XDR) – Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) solutions are, and what they offer for an effective cyber security strategy.
  • The critical role of Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) and Security Operation Centers (SOC) in large organizations, as well as small and medium enterprises.
  • What the new regulatory frameworks of the NIS2 and DORA directives bring, and how to achieve compliance with them.
  • How are the efforts to protect personal data and the implementation of the GDPR progressing.
  • How does Cyber Insurance today affect the resilience of organizations, ensure their business continuity, and create a competitive advantage.
  • How has the critical role of Information Security Officers been shaped today, and what are the consequences of the lack of human resources, by professionals in the field of Cyber Security with the appropriate skills.

Based on these topics, all Infocom Security speakers will have the opportunity to contribute to the design of the cyber security road map, that we will have to follow today and, in the years, to come.

Sponsor Companies Expo

Just like every year, as a part of Infocom Security, a parallel exhibition of participating sponsor companies will take place, giving visitors the opportunity to get in touch with the most important and largest Greek companies active in the field of services and integrated solutions for cyber security, in order to meet with their executives and learn about their activities, as well as all developments in this field.
InfoCom Security, having earned the universal recognition of the entire security market, brings together every year the most important and largest Greek companies in this field, as well as leading global brands that support the event and participate in both content and exhibition.

Networking of a large community of professionals

The large community of professionals in the field of IT and technology in general, of all professional levels and positions, which has contributed in the creation of the Infocom Security conference and the IT Security Professional magazine, will have the opportunity to meet again in a space that meets the requirements of such a top-tier event.

The Athens Conservatory on April 10 & 11 is expected to become a meeting and networking place for IT department executives (CTOs, CIOs, CISOs, IT Managers, IT Auditors – Engineers – Administrators, Risk & Compliance Managers, DPOs, etc.) from companies and organizations of all vertical markets of the private and public sectors, as well as professionals from the IT channel, companies active in the implementation of projects and the provision of IT solutions and services, as well as many academics, scientists and researchers.

Infocom Security is not just a conference… it’s an experience!


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