6o Infocom Security 2016
Upgrade your Knowledge
Protect your Business

The 6th Infocom Security Conference will be once more the top annual event for Information Security in Greece as it makes the difference, adding one more day to the official program and significally upgrading its content.

It is more than true that the digital world becomes more and more complex every day; as a consequence, dangers threatening information security increase in number and complexity.

Nothing stays still in cyberspace for long… Cybercriminals tend to develop their skills continuously and combine their forces in the most professional manner; they exchange know-how and information and they are quick to introduce new, advanced tools in order to attack and break through the networks of organizations and enterprises, hoping for economic or any other kind of benefits.

The IT ecosystem is under re-construction, a holistic one! Information infrastructure surely remains the most important factor, as it is necessary for the optimum operation of every modern organization. The changes taking place lately to the philosophy and modelling of these infrastructures have, on one hand, reinforced the functions and productivity of the entrepreneurial procedures but, at the same time, they have caused an increased demand in the field of information security…

Under these circumstances, i.e. the constantly changing landscape of threats as well as the complete restructuring of information infrastructure, there is an urgent need for a never ending upgrade of IT administrators’ knowledge level and not only, in order to play their role, each one of them, protecting the operational integrity and the information vaults of their employers.

 The goal of the 6th Infocom Security Conference, that will take place at Divani Caravel Hotel in Athens, on the 6th & 7th of April, 2016,  under the motto Upgrade your KnowledgeProtect Your Business, is to highlight this need in the most explicit and profound way.


One conference… two different approaches!

The 6th Infocom Security Conference will focus on the need for extroversion and boosting of our knowledge in the field of IT Security, offering a much richer content to its audience. Starting this year, a second day will be added to the program and there will be two different approaches.

– The first one will not be much different than before: a Business technology approach where company executives and specialist in this field will talk about trends, different strategies, methods and solutions for information security applied today by organizations and enterprises, based on the changes in threats and the new technologies influencing IT

– The second approach –implemented in close collaboration with the team behind SecNews.gr, the specialized website on hacking and security issues, will focus mainly on Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security, presenting –for the first time in Greece- exclusive keynote speeches by researchers and well-known professionals in the field, white hat hackers –and not only– that often take part in the biggest global hacking conferences, in real-time cyber attack simulations and hacking games, while exploring new invasion methodologies, new liabilities and some specialized hacking tools.

 Both approaches in this Conference will include presentations directly concerning all those working or interested in the field of Information Security, those working -as executives or members of the staff- in in-house ICT departments of enterprises or organisations, IT professionals or academics and researchers focusing on Information Security.


Ethihak Contest – A Hacking contest in a real environment

An innovative contest will take place, during the 6th Infocom Security Conference, presenting all applicants with the opportunity to test their skills via cyber attacks simulation, in order to grade the security status of information and communication systems – the prize for the winner will be announced soon! The scope of this contest is to increase awareness of the networked users on the issue of modern cyber threats and attacks, as well as offer them a hands-on practice in the application of different attack tools against a real target. The Ethihak contest will take place in a real environment which will be set up by security specialists inside the Conference premises.

Reference Point and steady growth

 Infocom Security Conference –organised by Smart Press, along with IT Security Professional and Infocom magazinesattracted more than 1500 attendees last year and was gladly supported by 45 sponsors; the plenary sessions and the parallel workshops covered the majority of the “hot” topics in this field.

Infocom Security Conference is regarded nowadays as the most important annual event on Information Security in Greece and the reference point for the evolution in this field. Every year, since 2011, it has demonstrated a steady growth depicted by the attendance statistics, as well as the general acceptance by IT market professionals and the scientific and tech communities.