Rethink Security Strategy

It is now common knowledge that the information security today is not an option. It is a critical business function, directly linked to the sustainability and growth of businesses and organizations. The environment, however, on the IT has change. The IT infrastructure have been transformed significantly and the risks are growing greatly. The requirement therefore to redefine the strategy for information security, it is now imperative.

The 4th Congress Infocom Security aims to bring out the individual steps that constitute a change of strategy in information security in the new IT environment, exploring how the technological and human resources will be adapt in the best possible way towards identifying and managing risks.

 1st Session

The IT Professionals facing the New Environment

The IT department executives, responsible for the infrastructure operation, have a key role to enable the organization into a proper incorporation of changes brought by Cloud, Mobility, VYOD, Big Data and other trends .

But, how seriously is taken into consideration the parameter of safety in the assimilation of these trends ?

In the first session of the conference will attempt to take a deep look at the steps and practices to be followed by organizations, with the guidance of professional IT, towards the transformation of infrastructures to benefit the productivity and functionality, while giving to the security the importance it deserves.

 2nd Session

Intelligent Solutions for the Information Protection

Traditional solutions to protect business-critical data and applications are no longer effective. The vulnerabilities brought by the adoption of cloud-centric IT and mobility, malware and targeted attacks by hackers, require the use of solutions that will be a step ahead, they can perform in real time, readily adapted to future needs capable to cover a variety of needs and of course can be functional for users. Provided solutions that fortify the organization and meet the above requirements will be presented in the second session of the conference.

3rd Session

Effective Models of Safety Assessment and Risk Management

Risk management in the new environment is a key pillar of redefining security strategy and will form the core of the third section. Concepts such as governance, risk and compliance, regulatory frameworks and standards, the auditing and solutions and services related to : PCI, SIEM, PKI, Vulnerability Assessment and Identity Management, are essential components of an effective model to ensure an adequate level security.

 4th Session

Hackers & Threats – Techniques to detect and discourage

Closing the conference, in the fourth section we will have a practical look, about the progress of this peculiar battle between hackers and security techniques.

The cyber-crooks and those who generally attack networks, are currently motivated by financial benefits or by an activist theory, are very organized, work together exchanging malicious software, they have sophisticated tools and targeted literally everywhere with persistence and dedication to each target. Targeted attacks, are a significant threat to any organization that needs to develop mechanisms, that can identify early on any threat and will manage to repel the attacks.

 Security Labs

During the 4th InfoCom Security, parallel Labs, with technical and practical presentations by experts on issues related to information security, reserved exclusively for IT professionals will be organized.