April 1st, 2015

Divani Caravel Hotel
Mind the Risk. Be Proactive! 

IT Security landscape has changed! New threats are emerging daily. The risks are increasing by quantity and improved by quality. The new environment in the IT infrastructure on enterprises and organizations (cloud, data centers, mobility), and the exponential growth of data that witch are exposed, are significantly reshape information security, by emerging new vulnerabilities among new paths of information traffic.

New “weapons”, new rules, new methods and new “players” are shown. Traditional defense and remedies are clearly not enough. Large research studies worldwide, reflect this fast changing landscape, and many organizations often experience these changes, by suffering painful and costly consequences.

Risk assessment is the key.

The only solution is the continuous assessment of threats and vulnerabilities, compared with the available resources, in order to maintain the level of risk to the minimum level.

But what is the a right method? What are the features of the new threats? What is the profile of the attackers today? What are they targeting to? What tools do they use? What new technologies are effective for protecting information? How the changes can be absorbed in the new IT environment and how the human factor can be used as an advantage rather than a vulnerability.  And finally, what is the balance between information security and and productivity?

Can we become more ..Proactive;

All answers at the 5th Congress Infocom Security, the annual meeting of IT Security market, and the biggest event of the area!

April 1, 2015 at Divani Caravel Hotel