Taking behavioral analytics to the next level, UEBA utilizes unsupervised machine learning and advanced behavioral analytics to build out behavioral baselines for User and Asset entities.  

This capability enables the detection, IN REAL TIME, of insider threats, targeted attacks, and malicious patterns of traffic caused by user behaviors, both normal and malicious in nature.

Furthermore, we are aware of the critical importance of being in control of your security risk management process and we will demonstrate a number of innovative features, which considerably enhance your visibility into your organization’s security posture, while considerably improving users’ operational experience.

Speaker: Irene Selia, Business Development Manager, ClearSkies™  

Irene holds this high caliber position in Odyssey for almost 4 years and she is in charge of the dynamic creation, local and overseas promotion as well as the sustainable support of the innovating ClearSkies™ Big Data and Security Analytics platform.

She works closely with the ClearSkies™ R&D team for developing new features and functionality enhancements. She has acquired extensive local and global experience in information security.